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Bad On Paper

Jun 5, 2019

Today we interviewed Cassandra Garcia... makeup artist to THE STARS... and us! Cassandra did our makeup for the NYC live show but she's also the in-house makeup artist for Bobbi Brown AND she does makeup for the cast of SNL. (+ other celebs!!) We gathered ALL your makeup questions for her and put her to the test. You may want to grab a notebook for this one as it gets pretty technical - in the best possible way. We're talking about making your makeup last, under eye concealer that won't settle into fine lines, and more. Do you really need a primer? What about a setting spray? Cassandra also shares her favorite luxury products + cheapie drugstore finds.

PS - the long wear cream eyeshadow we keep talking about is SHORE by Bobbi Brown. Not "Sure" or "The Shore!"

Be sure to follow Cassandra at @cygmakeup!


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