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Bad On Paper

Mar 29, 2023

It's time to discuss our March Book Club Pick, The Measure by Nikki Erlick! We discuss why we thought it would make such a great book club pick, if we would open our box, how we’d change our lives if we found out we were a short-stringer, our favorite storylines, thoughts about the theme of fate vs. free will, and...

Mar 22, 2023

After a stroke of genius on Olivia’s part, we’re spending this episode reading snippets of erotica we found in the dark corners of the internet. In addition to reading the glorious pieces we chose, we also ask ourselves questions like Why??? How??? Can we ever unsee this??? We also put our literary hats on...

Mar 15, 2023

It’s time to break down our March 2023 Three Things! We each brought pop culture topics, nostalgic reflection prompts, and thought starters to discuss this week.


Olivia’s Things 

The Hailey Beiber / Selena Gomez / Justin Beiber situation

Our go-to Fun Facts and Ice Breakers

Something your 16 year old self would be...

Mar 8, 2023

We’re here to bring you our best and brightest advice, responding to your questions about everything from professional jealousy to writing productivity to wedding planning to personal style and more.


Some follows/reads we suggested during this episode 




Bird by Bird by...

Mar 1, 2023

This week, we’ll be sharing a day in our life. We each picked a specific day in our past week to break down in EXTREME detail (including the dreams we had the night before). We talk about what we did when we woke up, the breakfasts we had, the candles we lit, the packages that arrived, what corners of TikTok we’re...