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Bad On Paper

Mar 30, 2022

It’s time to talk about our March book club pick: Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson. We absolutely LOVED this book. We discuss what grabbed us about this book, the themes of not understanding your parents as individuals vs. parents and identity, all the food in this book (including black cake!), our feelings on the...

Mar 23, 2022

It's the last ‘Just Us’ episode with Grace, and we’re reflecting on our podcast memories throughout the years! We talk about Grace’s highs and lows of doing the podcast, what she’s learned about herself through the pod, and her advice for Olivia for taking over the pod!    We also look back on our first...

Mar 16, 2022

This week, we’re getting to know Becca’s new cohost (starting April 6) Olivia Muenter


We talk to Olivia about her background, her initial thoughts when Becca approached her to be a co-host, what she’s most excited and nervous about joining the podcast, and topics she wants to discuss on the pod.


We also...

Mar 9, 2022

This week, we’re doing a Q&A! We answer your questions about our favorite (and least favorite) Book Club Picks, future projects we’re excited about, getting motivated, how to get through a bad mood, what we’re watching right now, and more!  

Our favorite podcasts hosted by two best friends

A Thing or Two


Mar 2, 2022

This week, we got the chance to chat with Kate Spencer, co-host of Forever35 and author of the memoir The Dead Moms Club. We talk about her first novel In a New York Minute (which is a Grace approved romance BTW!) discuss her writing process, and she shares her advice for aspiring writers.


We discuss how she got to...