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Bad On Paper

Oct 28, 2020

For this month’s book club, we read  You Had Me at Hola by Alexis Daria. This is the story of Jasmine Lin Rodriguez, the lead actress of the telenovela “Carmen in Charge.” She plans to swear off men and follow her Leading Lady Plan, but her plan is compromised when she falls for her co-star, Ashton Suarez. They want to keep things private, but the paparazzi makes this impossible, causing a lot of strain on their budding relationship. This was essentially a RomCom about a RomCom (peak Becca genre), and we had a lot to talk about! This book is steamy in all the right places, while still tackling some more serious issues (LatinX underrepresentation in the film/TV world, consent). Though both characters make some arguably bad decisions, and kept some big secrets, we stood by them til the end and really enjoyed this book.

We loved this book, and hope you did too, let’s talk more in the FB group! And come back tomorrow for a special bonus episode with the author.



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