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Bad On Paper

Nov 29, 2023


This week, we’re diving into Becca’s Book, The Christmas Orphans Club! This is the ONLY time we’ll be spoiling this book for a while, so if you haven’t read the book yet and don’t want to get spoiled, save this episode for when you finish the book! 


We talk about what elements of the book were there since Becca’s first draft, the highs and lows of their writing process, how she balanced the lighthearted tone with big emotions, and what book-related questions she wished she got asked more. Becca also answers listener questions about characters, story choices, and more! 



Becca - Dorsey tennis necklace

Olivia - Flameless candles


What we read this week

Olivia - Talking at Night by Claire Daverley

Becca - Lovelight Farms by BK Borison



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