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Bad On Paper

Mar 10, 2021

It has been a year in pandemic purgatory and if you are like us (which we assume you are, because you’re here!) then you might be running out of ways to entertain yourself at home. We have both been recently watching and listening to a lot of great content and thought we would share a roundup of our favorite movies, tv shows, podcasts and more. Consider this your to-watch list!


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Movie Recs:

  • Minari
  • Promising Young Woman
  • Nomadland 
  • Fake Famous 
  • The Map of Tiny Perfect Things
  • Always and Forever Laura Jean
  • Moxie

Rabbit Holes:

TV Recs:

  • Firefly Lane
  • Bling Empire
  • Flack
  • Mr Mayor
  • Bonding
  • Superstore
  • Lady in the Dale
  • Behind Her Eyes
  • Tell Me Your Secrets
  • Lupin






What We’re Reading:

March Book 


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