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Bad On Paper

Feb 28, 2024

We’re so excited to discuss Good Material by Dolly Alderton! This one gave us mixed feelings, which means a great discussion is ahead. We talk about how reading from a man’s point of view impacted our reading experience, our favorite funny parts, what we thought of the relationship dynamics in the book, and MORE!


The article that we thought of while reading this book is linked here



Olivia - Lavender shower bombs

Becca - Kindle Paperwhite Signature


What we read this week

Olivia - The Wishing Game by Meg Shaffer, The Comeback by Ella Berman

Becca - Bye, Baby by Carola Lovering (out March 5)  and Good Material by Dolly Alderton


This Month’s Book Club Pick - Anita de Monte Laughs Last by Xotchitl Gonzalez (have thoughts about this book you want to share? Call in at 843-405-3157 or email us a voice memo at



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