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Bad On Paper

Feb 21, 2024

It's time for another round of Three Things! Including things we’re reading, listening, and watching that we had to talk about…and Paul Giamatti. 


Becca’s Three Things

Renaissance Act ii


A Paul Giamatti X Cher anecdote 


Olivia’s Three Things

One Day on Netflix (And a companion to One Day by Farrah Storr from Becca)

Everyone’s a sellout now on Vox

Favorite acts of self-kindness



Becca: Substack as a place to scroll

Olivia: Face Globes 


What we read this week

Olivia: The Wild One by Colleen McKeegan, Rabbit Hole by Kate Brody

Becca: The Rom-Commers by Katherine Center (June 11); Summer Romance by Annabel Monaghan (June 4)


This Month’s Book Club Pick - Good Material by Dolly Alderton (have thoughts about this book you want to share? Call in at 843-405-3157 or email us a voice memo at



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