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Bad On Paper

May 1, 2019

 In this episode, we sat down with the extremely talented and hilarious Kathryn Gallagher, one of the stars of one of our favorite shows, You! We love Kathryn’s focus body positivity and her perspective on how to handle the hard days. She also gives great advice on developing more confidence and for aspiring actors. Kathryn is amazing, and we know you’re gonna love her!

Also in this episode, WE’RE GOING ON TOUR! Go to to find more details and buy tickets! Also, Becca is officially Grace’s neighbor, and Grace is obsessing over @drawingsofdogs on Instagram! 

You can our new IRL friend on Instagram at @kathryngallagher, Twitter at @kathryng, and watch her in  the new musical, Jagged Little Pill


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Books Mentioned:


More Than Words

The Light We Lost

American Royals

The Thousandth Floor

The Last Book Party

Normal People