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Bad On Paper

Jan 6, 2021

We’re back with our first episode of a brand new year! To kick off 2021 we are joined by Kelley Knight, author of Spells for the Modern Mystic Ritual Guidebook and Spellcasting Kit. Kelley is bringing mysticism into the mainstream, and we are here for it! We chat about her own psychic awakening, building her business, and her freakiest predictions. She does a mini tarot reading for each horoscope sign to see what lies in the year ahead. We also have a bonus January reading for those Virgos and Libras like us! We even learn a quick cleansing spell to clear out the bad the vibes that 2020 left behind.


Don’t know your sun sign or your rising/ascending sign? Visit and all you need is birth location, date, and time. 


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