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Bad On Paper

May 29, 2024

It’s time to talk about The Ministry of Time by Kaliane Bradley! We talk about our thoughts on the book’s love story, the real-life historical inspiration, what we thought of the ending, and more!



Olivia - Lance the local toad

Becca - A customer service experience with Windmill Air


What we’ve...

May 22, 2024

This week we’re talking phone habits and setting boundaries with our devices with Leslie Stephens, creator of the popular newsletter Morning Person and author of You’re Safe Here, out June 25, 2024. 


Books Leslie recommends about setting phone boundaries

Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right...

May 15, 2024

By popular demand, we’re diving deep into Taylor Swift with Sarah Chapelle, the creator of the blog and Instagram account @taylorswiftstyled.


Sarah’s Things Include: 

The Jack Antonoff Cinematic Universe 

Fashion as Easter Eggs and Red Herrings

AI Songs 


Her book Taylor Swift Style comes out on October 8! 


May 8, 2024

This week we’re sharing our Three Things! From movies to comfort shows (to discomfort shows) and more!


Becca’s things 

@Lucyontheground’s Romcom Mash Sundays on IG.

Spice World 

Gilmore Girls


Olivia’s things 

The Swan

Last Stop Larrimah

Self Promotion 



Olivia: Espresso by Sabrina Carpenter 

May 1, 2024

This week we’re talking Things with Carley Fortune, bestselling author of Meet Me at the Lake and Every Summer After, and This Summer Will Be Different, out May 7, 2024.


Carley’s Three Things Are:

Spring Dressing

Our relationship with social media (sparked by “Is there a sane way to use the internet” episode...