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Bad On Paper

Sep 2, 2020

In this episode we are joined by Venita Aspen, an influencer, model, creative, and co-host of the newly launched podcast, Group Chat Realness. Venita tells us about everything from working fashion week to culinary school and her journey to the career she has today — owning her own creative agency, The Aspen Agency. We dive into what keeps her creative and inspired, and how she takes care of herself (mentally, physically, brows & skincare). We learn more about the Aspen Agency, her life as an influencer in the wake of BLM and the changes she has seen since the movement began, and of course… the birth of her podcast! Then, we (of course!) dive into ALL of her favorite Charleston Recs!


Black creators + brands:


Venita’s Skincare Routine:

Venita’s Brow Routine:

Charleston Reccs:

More Venita:



We’re Reading:

September Book Club:

  • Majesty (American Royals Book 2) by Katharine McGee


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