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Bad On Paper

Jul 31, 2019

It's time for our July Book Club and today we are discussing American Spy. We are so honored that the author, Lauren Wilkinson, is joining us remotely! We talk about the book, her writing process (she rewrote it SIX times!), how the book began (a grad school assignment about a suburban family) and why she chose to leave the book open-ended. We also talk about more difficult social topics and how that inspired the book. This interview was so interesting.

Also in this episode, Grace is feeling like a celebrity (she went on a yoga retreat with a personal chef and she just got verified on Instagram) and Becca admits that she still thinks about the game Bloody Mary every time she goes to the bathroom at night.

Follow Lauren at @thrillkinson on Instagram and Twitter… and of course, buy her book!


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Books Mentioned

American Spy

Philosophy of Ruin


Beijing Payback

The Quiet American

Rogue Male

Three Women

Lock Every Door

With the Fire on High

Tell Me Everything

The Wedding Party

My Friend Anna

Whisper Network


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