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Bad On Paper

May 31, 2023

It’s time to discuss our May Book Club Pick: Happy Place by Emily Henry! We had so much listener participation for this book (and some unexpected mixed reviews!) and we can’t wait to dive in. In addition to discussing Happy Place, we cover the Emily Henry cannon, play listener questions and comments, do some fan casting, and rank our favorite Emily Henry Books! 



Olivia: Jewish Matchmaking on Netflix

Becca: Joe & The Juice Joe’s Green Mile


What we read this week!

Becca: Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

Olivia: Enchantment by Katherine May


Love Emily Henry? You may enjoy books by Mhairi McFarlane, Carly Fortune, and Dolly Alderton! 


June’s Month’s Book Club Pick - Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros (have thoughts about this book you want to share? Call in at 843-405-3157 or email us a voice memo at



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