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Bad On Paper

Apr 10, 2019

In this episode, we sat down with Indie Lee, founder of her namesake clean beauty brand. Indie has an incredible story that led to not only led to her finding her purpose and passion (and launching her amazing beauty line), but also her insanely positive outlook on life. We talk about living life following the 80/20 rule, skincare products worth splurging on, and doing what makes you happiest. Indie is a breath of fresh air - we loved getting to sit down with her.

Also in this episode, we are still on a high from our live show, Becca is about to be Grace's neighbor, and Grace is officially part of the Sephora Squad! 

Make sure to follow @indie_lee on Instagram, and check out her amazing products at! Through the end of April use code BOP15 to take 15% off.


  • Lola: For 40% off of all subscriptions, visit and enter code BOP at checkout. 

Books Mentioned:

It Ends with Us

The Idea of You

Don’t You Forget About Me

Who’s That Girl

Normal People

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