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Bad On Paper

Nov 25, 2020

For our November Book Club we read Destination Wedding by Diksha Basu. This book is exactly what we needed as we are both missing travel, meeting new people, and big events like weddings! The story follows Tina Das, a Brooklynite who is traveling to India with her divorced parents and her best friend to attend a cousin’s lavish wedding. Both Tina and her father are looking for love while on their trip, with some pretty mixed results. This book was such a fun read that will have you laughing, and, if you’re like us, wanting to be best friends with the main character.


Also tune in Friday for a bonus episode with the author! Join us in the FB group and let us know what you think of the book, and let’s talk about other book characters you’d want to be best friends with!




What We’re Reading:


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