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Bad On Paper

Apr 28, 2021

Today is Book Club, and this month we read Delicious! By Ruth Reichl. The book tells the story of Billie Breslin, who learns at a young age she has an impeccable palate. Years later she drops out of college and moves from California to NYC to work for Delicious!, the country’s most prominent food magazine. Her life changes drastically as she forms new relationships with colleagues at the magazine, chefs, and shop owners. When Delicious! is unexpectedly shut down, Billie is kept on board to honor the Delicious! Guarantee, which is how she discovers a cache of letters from 12-year-old Lulu Swan to the famous chef James Beard from WWII. From there, Billie embarks on a culinary scavenger hunt through the library and ultimately to Akron, OH to find the adult Lulu Swan. We really enjoyed this book and we hope you did too! Join us in the Facebook group to discuss!


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