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Bad On Paper

Sep 23, 2019

Friend of the pod and former Obama Deputy Chief of Staff, Alyssa Mastromonaco, joins us to help break down what is happening in the current presidential election. Why are there so many candidates? Is this normal? When will the field narrow? And how does the primary process even work. Then we talk about how to learn about candidate platforms and how to get personally involved in politics.
Alyssa's list of recs for understandable, trustworthy political coverage:
@Jessicayellin (IG)
@DMregister (twitter)
@WBUR (twitter)
@ZerlinaMaxwell (twitter)
@Yashar (twitter)
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About Bad on Politics: Bad on Politics is a monthly bonus episode where we invite a guest expert to help us break down a political topic. We get it, politics is confusing and there's a anxiety-inducing amount of news coverage to follow. So, we're here to ask the "dumb" questions so you don't have to. We want to break things down so you can understand what's going on and make an informed opinion.