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Bad On Paper

Jul 10, 2019

It’s just us this week, and we’ve got all your questions covered. We truly cover a little bit of everything in this episode, like dating (yes, we are on the apps. No, it’s not fun), travel rituals, reading (of course!), the future of the pod (total world podcast domination), and so much more! It was fun to get to interview ourselves this week!

Meanwhile, Grace is feeling like she’s getting her life together post-tour, and Becca read two full books during the long weekend. Also, head to our Instagram for a chance to win a copy of our July book club, American Spy!


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Books Mentioned:

Three Women

My Lovely Wife

Final Girls


The Woman Inside

The Other Woman

The Last Time I Lied

The Good Liar

The Conspiracy of Us

The Paper Princess

All These Beautiful Strangers

Very Nice

How Could She

Save Me The Plums


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