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Bad On Paper

Feb 9, 2022

So today we have some bittersweet news. In this episode, we talk about this big news, the future of the podcast, and our podcast highs from the last 4 years.  


‘Just Us’ Episodes we loved

Always Ask For More Money – Negotiating Your Salary, Getting A Promotion, and Setting Freelance Rates

How We Read So Much + Hidden Gem Books (With Listener Recs!)

FMK: Quarantine Edition

Favorite Snacks, Chores That Give Us A Rush, and The Brighter Side of Quarantine.

Listener Q&A: Big Life Decisions, Career Moves, Daily Routines, + More!


Favorite Guest Episodes

Bad on Politics #6: Stacey Abrams on Voting Rights

An Interview with Elizabeth Gilbert

Investing 101: Sallie Krawcheck on the gender wealth gap

Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo on work wifing, closing their business, and the decision whether to have kid

Cindy Crawford shares her supermodel secrets + takes us inside the modeling biz!

Ep. 53: Ashley & Rayna from Girls Gotta Eat Talk Dating, Finding Friends on Instagram, & Creating a Life You Love.

Ep 38: Jared Freid on Dating, "Everyone is someone's foot"

Ep 34: the Amazing Katie Sturino + a Talk on Body Positivity.

Ep. 47: Alyssa Mastromonaco - the Obamas, the Importance of Lists, and Staying Calm Under Pressure.



Becca’s 2022 Playlist

The Marie Cardigan from 


What we read this week!

Becca: Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover

Grace: Good Rich People by Eliza Jane Brazier, Castles In Their Bones by Laura Sebastian 



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February’s Book Club Pick: Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner



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