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Bad On Paper

Oct 14, 2020

Disclosure: This episode is NOT sponsored by Bath & Body Works. We wish it was, but sadly that is not the case. This week, we are joined by our “fall correspondent,” Olivia Muenter. A Fall themed episode was highly requested, and we knew Olivia would be the perfect person to join us! Olivia is a writer, editor, and digital content creator. She’s also a massive B&BW candle aficionado. We talk fall recipes, getaways, decor, movies, books and of course.. CANDLES. If you are wondering what all of Olivia’s favorite fall candle scents are, you are in the right place. We have been influenced and ordered Leaves and Flannel while recording the episode. Guess we will see if they live up to the hype!


More Olivia:


Bath & Body Works Candle Recs:

  • Leaves
  • Flannel
  • Caramel Pumpkin Swirl
  • Apple Picking
  • Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
  • Balsam
  • Fraser Fir
  • Fresh Linen
  • Vanilla Bean


Olivia’s Fall Book Recs: 


Olivia’s Fall Movie Recs:

  • NXIVM Doc - The Vow on HBO
  • You’ve Got Mail
  • Harvest Love
  • Love, Fall and Order
  • Virgin River


More Fall Recs:



We’re Reading:

October Book Club:


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