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Bad On Paper

Jul 3, 2019

Today’s guest is the hilarious and brilliant Akilah Hughes! From YouTube to politics to writing her own book, there's nothing she can't do! We talk about a little bit of everything, from her favorite and least favorite part about traveling (hotels! touching things in the airport!), growing up in the south, how to feel confident on bad days, and… Neopets. 

Also in this episode, we’ve wrapped up our summer tour! We’re definitely ready for some introvert time. Also, Becca reveals that her cleaning lady ghosted her and Grace is obsessed with Katie Sturino’s clothing line with Stitch Fix!

To keep up with our new friend Akilah, follow her on Twitter at @akilahobviously, on Instagram at @Akilahh, on YouTube, and pre-order her book, Obviously: Stories from my Timeline.


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Books Mentioned:

The Fourth Bear


Is Everyone Hanging Out without Me

With the Fire on High

We Are Never Meeting in Real Life

Waiting for Tom Hanks

How Could She

Save Me the Plums

The Girl He Used to Know

Magic for Liars


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